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People want to meet new people.

One thing that will make talking to women fun , enjoyable, and easy is knowing that people want to meet new people and actually love, enjoy, and are excited about meeting new people. ESPECIALLY if that person is cool, fun to be around, an interesting person, etc.

When you’re out, notice that most of the people who are there don’t talk to other people. They don’t venture out to talk to others, even though you know deep down they want to.

Next time you’re out, look around at the people in the venue. You’ll notice that they aren’t going out and talking to other people. This clearly implies that they are afraid to talk to others, as well, and puts you a little more at ease when approaching others because you know this.

How do i know that they all want to meet new people? Because they wouldn’t be out with their friend or friends. They would stay inside at home. People wanna meet new people and love meeting new people. Especially if you’re a cool enjoyable guy to talk to, and an interesting person to meet.

Next time you’re out trying to meet women or even just be social , remind yourself in your head “people wanna meet new people”.