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It’s no secret that women love men who who are chill and have a good vibe and energy about them.

Have you ever noticed that a lot of highly attractive women LOVE men and are romantically involved with men, who are super chill and have a super chill vibe about them?

Think, Johnny Depp.

Well, you can cultivate a good vibe that will naturally draw attractive women to you (and people in general) through daily spiritual practices that will give a nice vibe to be around. Women will be drawn to you. Women will enjoy being around you. Women will love spending time with you.

All because you have a nice vibe.

But, it’s more accurate to say that women will be drawn to your vibe, enjoy being around your vibe, and love spending time with your vibe. It not really YOU that is doing this, but it is your VIBE and ENERGY that you emit that is causing this.

What are spiritual practices?

Spiritual practices are what you do to fill yourself up.

What do you do to fill yourself up emotionally? What do you do to make your inner life a nice place to live and be? Do you have any?

Spiritual practices, or daily rituals, that you do every day that fill you up cause you omit a better vibe and energy about you. You do them because they fill your cup up. Your cup is so full that you emit a vibe of chill, spiritual, relaxed, confidence about you. The reason you emit this vibe is because YOU ARE chill and calm and at peace inside yourself so that comes through in your being. It is not an act. You actually FEEL and ARE chill inside yourself.

Some spiritual practices that will fill you up spiritually, make you come off super chill, and give you a good vibe are: meditation, gratitude lists, practicing unattachment, Yoga, and some others.

Mainly these are a few of my daily spiritual practices that fill me up, keep my cup full, and make you feel spiritually at ease.

This quality of being chill, unreactive, patient, calm, present, and available is super attractive to women.

Men who don’t have this vibe – or say have the opposite vibe – of a bad vibe, a bad energy (whatever you want to call it) are impatient, a little on edge, nervous, twitchy ARE NOT attractive to women.

So, you can start to see the value in cultivating a nice vibe and energy about you.