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One of the main reasons you find it hard to approach a woman that you don’t know, isn’t so much that you’re afraid to approach her, it’s that you know even if you go through all of the trouble of approaching her, breaking through the fear, and putting yourself out there, that it’s probably not going to go well, that nothing is going to happen, or it’s not really going to go anywhere. Your attitude is essentially: “Whats the use?”

The reason this is, is because you don’t have enough experience and confidence enough yet, where you have a pretty good degree of certainty that you know it’s going to go really well if you approach her.

So what’s the answer? The answer is you have to keep going out and talking to women until you get to the point where you know with a relatively high degree of certainty that if you approach a woman that you’re confident.

What happens when you get to this place is you’ll find it so much easier to approach. There will be very little approach anxiety or fear of the approach. Then what will happen is instead of going out to practice or get good, which is drudgery and hard, is you’ll be going out to meet women, and it’ll be much more fun and easy. You’ll look forward to it. You’ll want to do it. Because you’ll know you’re going to meet some cute girls for sure. Your whole mind-set changes. You come “full circle” so to speak.