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In almost all species in the animal kingdom females chose the males.

Why is this?

When a woman is born she’s born with all the eggs she will ever use over her entire lifetime. All the eggs a woman will ever produce in her life is completed by the time she is born. In fact, she is born with approximately 400 eggs. So she only has a limited number of them throughout her life.

Not only that, but a woman is only fertile, able to have children, for about 30 years of her life. Starting at the age of about 13 when she hits puberty and ending at the age of about 45 or 50 years old. After that she goes through menopause and can no longer have babies. Her reproductive value is zero at that point.

Giving birth is expensive for a woman. It takes energy, investment. potentially dying giving birth, and raising a child. Furthermore, women are the ones having the baby. It’s more of an investment for them. She can’t reproduce during that time. She has to spend 9 months carrying a baby.

For men, on the other hand, sex costs us almost nothing, but our sperm. We can have sex with a woman and don’t have to give any sort of investment in rearing the child. Given that woman only have a limited number of eggs, are only fertile for a limited period of their life, and have the entire investment of having a baby it’s for these reasons that women are the ones choosing men. Sex is expensive for women and cheap for men. She invests way more than a man so she has to be choosy and selective about who she chooses to mate with. She wants to make sure the man she has sex with is damn good, and for good reason.

Men really are just sperm donors.

In short, this is why women can be annoyingly fickle in the dating world. Try not to take it personal or get upset. She has to be annoyingly picky, choosy, hard-to-get, and fickle. Her life literally (and figuratively) depends on it.

Women invest and risk SO much when having sex with a man.