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This is important.

I want you to think about this for a moment. Out of the last 100 hot girls you’ve seen while you were out, going about your day, how many of those hot girls approached you? The answer is probably none. So… you know, the next time you have that experience of seeing that hot girl, if you want to get her, you have to approach her, because you know she’s not going to approach you.

Another thing you can do is this: any time you’re out and you see that hot girl you want to meet simply ask yourself: “In this particular instance, if I don’t approach her, will she approach me?” Again, you’ll also find the answer to be no, and you will realize that if you want to get her, you have to approach her. This is sort of like “step one” to getting the girl.

Very rarely is a woman going to approach you – and more so if she likes you, because she’ll be too intimidated. I’ve had about 3 or 4 women walk up and approach me in my entire lifetime. So I know if I’ve only had 3-4 women approach me in 35 years, statistically speaking, when I go out to bars or clubs, women most likely aren’t going to approach me. So I know if I want to meet that hot girl, get laid, get numbers, get dates, or make anything happen I have to be the one to approach her.

I’ve talked to many guys about this and it’s pretty much the same for all guys. Most guys rarely have had a women approach them in their entire lifetimes. So, statistically speaking, if you’ve had 2 or 3 woman approach you in your entire lifetime, chances are a woman is not going to approach you when you’re out at a party, bar, or club, ect. If you want to make anything happen you have to be the one who approaches or nothing is going to happen. You won’t meet women, get dates, get numbers, get laid, ect.

In statistics the probability of something happen if it’s 0 that means it will never happen, no matter what. If something has a 100% percent chance of happening that means it happens every single time. Probability measures the probability of an outcome happening. If you want the outcome of getting a number, getting a date, or getting laid, if you don’t approach her are you going to get any of those outcomes? No. The probability of that happening is zero. It will never happen.

So knowing all this, if you want to make anything happen with a woman that you’re interested in YOU have to be the one to go up to HER and start the conversation.