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Having your own life makes you more attractive to women.

If you have many things that you enjoy doing, many things that fill you up, you come off non-needy. I think every man (and woman) needs at least 5-10 things separately from women, seperate from their relationships that bring them joy and happiness. Meaning, you have your own life. You have your own hobbies, interests, friends, travel, goals, dreams, etc.

People who dont have a job, any interests, hobbies, friends, goals, dreams, ambitions outside of women and their relationship are far less attractive and come off needy. They call too much. They hover. They cling more. They call too much. They talk too much. They do little things that you wont be able to pin point that annoy the living F*ck out of you and push you away.

When you have several friends, hobbies you enjoy, several interests, goals , dreams, you dont emit these vibes and signals.