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Many years ago when I was friends with legendary self-esteem psychologist Dr. Nathaniel Branden he said something that was really profound.

He said the “The first relationship you must consummate successfully is the relationship with yourself. Only then are you ready for other love relationships.”

He told me that it’s something of a cliche that if you don’t love yourself, or like yourself, that nobody else will love you, but that it is true. He said the first thing everyone should work on is their own relationship with themselves, before they enter into a long-term romantic relationship. Otherwise, self-sabotage is inevitable.

Or, as I like to think about it . . .

Without healthy self-esteem you will lose the girl !!!

So, what can YOU DO to improve your self-esteem?

Well, there are A LOT of things you can do , but I would first start by reading any (and every) book you can by Dr. Nathaniel Branden. Really commit to understanding self-esteem, what it is, it’s importance, and how to build, and maintain it.

I would suggest by starting reading The 6 Pillars of Self-Esteem. It’s amazing and a great place to start.

This way you can work on cultivating healthy self-esteem and you can have one of the most important things for keeping a woman around for the long haul.