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When you’re having a conversation with a woman and you’re attached to getting something from her, she can “tell” and it causes her to lose pull back and want to leave the conversation with you.

Its sort of like how you can “tell” when a pushy salesman wants something from you and is “attached” to getting his sale. It turns you off and makes you get the fuck out of the conversation.

Well guess what? This is how women feel when you’re in a conversation with them and you’re attached to something , like getting laid, getting a number, getting a date, etc. Sometimes you can creep a girl out before you even approach her, because she can “tell” a mile away that you’re just the creepy guy at the bar.

When you’re attached to getting something, you’re trying to push the conversation in a certain direction and you creep a girl out, rather than just allowing it to happen, organically.

When you want something, and are attached, it’s ironic how you don’t get it, even though it would seem like if you were attached that you would do well, but you don’t.

Ironically, when you are out trying to meet women, or in a conversation with a woman who you are interested in, you’re best chances of making something happen are to actually just unattach yourself from getting anything and just enjoy the conversation, relax, have fun, and let things happen organically.

Any kind of attachment to getting anything from her and it will cause her to pull away.