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If you’re like most people, at some point you’ve probably wondered what the purpose of your life is. What is the purpose of life? That’s a good question.

Would you like to know what that is?

The purpose of your life literally and biologically speaking is to survive and pass on your genetics. In other words, it’s to stay alive and have sex. Everything you do is either directly or indirectly related to getting laid and staying alive. Everything.

Below are some of the mechanisms in your body that are specifically designed to help you stay alive (aka survive):

When you get “knocked out” it’s your bodies survival mechanism designed to protect your brain.

When you “shiver” the hypothalamus in the middle of your brain receives signals from your body that it’s cold causing your body to shiver to warm itself up. Did you just consciously decide to start shivering or did your body automatically, without your conscious control, start to shiver?

Your body cannibalizes your muscles and uses it as energy when you go extended periods without eating. As evidence of this, Google pictures of concentration camp victims from the holocaust who were given almost nothing to eat and are deathly thin.

You have the ability to think and reason because it helps you survive. The thing that makes humans different from all other animals is our consciousness. Our consciousness, are ability to think and reason is our ultimate source of survival. To quote Ayn Rand, “Man’s mind is his basic tool of survival.”

You throw up as your body’s response to expelling potentially harmful substances out of your body. In the book Complications by Atul Gawande, a surgeon from Harvard Medical school, he says, “Throwing up is obviously our bodies survival mechanism

The amygdala, in the center of your brain, makes you act before you think in certain situations to enable you to survive. For instance, in Daniel Goleman’s book, Emotional Intelligence he talks about a couple who had recently moved into a new house. They were sleeping in their new room with moving boxes stacked around the room. As they were sleeping in the middle of the night a big crash happened waking them both, and they both immediately ran out of the room and go out of there. Later, after they calmed down and were out of their bedroom they realized some of the moving boxes that were stacked up had falling down. They didn’t even consciously think about it. Their brain made them act before they thought. In situations like this, it’s better to just get the hell out of there and think about it after then it is to sit there, think about it, and then you’re dead.

You have a part in your brain called, mirror neurons, that allow you to know what another person is doing, intending, and feeling. It has survival value – without it you would die. Say you were walking down a dark alley and someone was following you. You would know he’s following you and you might think his intention is to do something harmful, pull out a gun, or rob you. You might well then decide to get the hell out of the situation, which could have literally saved your life. And it was all from this part of your brain that has the ability to know what another person is doing, intending, and feeling.

Your immune system helps ward off bacteria, diseases, and toxic free radicals; without your immune system you would literally die of cancer today.

Your lymphatic system. HAS T-CELLS IN IT THAT FIGHT

White blood cells in your lymphatic system.

You feel fear and it helps you survive. If you didn’t feel fear standing at the edge of a cliff or skyscraper you would jump off of it and die. But, by feeling fear while standing at the edge of a cliff, that fear makes you act and move away from it, so you survive.

Feeling pain helps preserve your body. You touch a hot stove and without even having to think about it you immediately move your hand away. Your shower all of sudden goes to hot and you move out of the way instantly without even having to think about it. Pain is actually a good thing. Be grateful for it.

The “flight” or “fight” response is programmed into you to help you survive. It compels you to act by either running from a potential life threatening situation or fighting, literally for your own survival.

When you break a bone your body heals and repairs the bone – usually stronger after the break then before.

When your body temperature rises above a certain point you sweat to cool your body temperature down to maintain equilibrium throughout your body. Again, did you consciously decide to turn this on?

Anxiety, which is hard-wired in to you and every other human being on the planet, is a psychological alarm signal warning of real or imagined danger.

Your body stores fat to use as energy in case of times of feminine. When you go extended periods of time without eating your body uses your fat stores as energy.

When your body needs energy and nutrients it releases a hormone causing you to feel hungry. When you feel hungry it compels you to act and eat food to give your body the energy and nutrients it needs to continue to perform all the vital functions your body needs.

When you sneeze your body expels germs out of your body.

Emotions are designed to compel you to act and save your life. You feel fear standing at the edge of a cliff and it compels you to act and move away from it. You feel angry and it compels to fight. You feel disgust and it compels you to avoid potentially harmful substances and people.

You have taste buds so you avoid eating toxic poisonous food that could kill you.

Your ab muscles are strategically placed in the area where some of your vital organs lie, designed to protect these organs.

!T-cells, which are made by your Thymus, hence “t-cells”, fight any sort of foreighn invaders or bacertia.

You have a rib cage protecting a lot of your vital organs.

When your body needs water it causes your body to release a hormone that causes you to get thirsty, which compels you to act, and actually give your body the water it needs. For instance, after working out or playing sports.

When you get a cut your blood clots to stop the bleeding. Our ancestors whose blood didn’t clot kept bleeding and bled to death, while our ancestors whose blood clotted lived, and passed on this trait to you. Blood clotting is another survival mechanism designed in to you. If your blood didn’t clot you would bleed to death.

The ability to smell helps you survive by being able to smell different odors to avoid eating potentially toxic foods or substances and stay away from them.

Learning and memory evolved to help you make better decisions in your choice of survival. It fine tunes your responses to adapt to changing demands rather than having invariable and automatic reactions. If food led to sickness it would be better avoided next time.

All of these survival mechanisms are empirically verifiable. They come from observations about reality. They came from me putting my focus on reality. I think this is compelling evidence to support that your body is designed to enable you to survive. But, it’s actually not about your survival, but your genes survival. These survival mechanism are there to enable your genes to survive. It brings an end to the human self- importance.

Your body is one of the most sophisticated objects on the planet. Every mechanism in your body is strategically designed to enable you to survive.

Another survival mechanism is trying to align with people who have survival or replication value. They can either help you survive more or by being friends with them you will get laid more. OR POTENTIAL survival and replication value.

Basically any trait that’s in every organism of a species is a successful trait – meaning it helped that organism survive. Our ancestors who didn’t have these survival mechanisms died. Our ancestors who had these mechanisms survived passing on these traits on to their offspring. All of these mechanisms are in you, me, and every human being on the planet, excluding certain people who have mutations like hemophilia.

Our bodies literally function on their own, without our conscious control. For instance, we don’t consciously decide to start shivering, sweating, sneeze, heart beat, breathing, digestion, getting thirsty, getting hungry, emotions compelling you to act, reacting before thinking to help you survive, getting horny randomly, or having an allergic reaction. 

Do you know what an allergic reaction is? Your body thinks a foreign thing is trying to combat your body so your body shuts itself down, shuts its airways down to protect itself.

So why does all this matter? Because this is all the dating game really is at a deep deep fundamental level. Everything that is going on is about fucking, staying alive, passing on genetics, and teaming up with a person who has a good genetic team. When you look at dating through this lens, you can see it from a different lens. You can see what is really going on.