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Even if you do get, quote , “rejected” it’s not personal. Rejection can’t be personal. She doesn’t even know you.

Put yourself in her shoes . . .

Some guy you don’t even know comes up to you and shows that he’s interested in you. Do you know this guy at all? No, you don’t know a thing about him. To you, he’s a stranger. Is it personal? No.

So, i don’t believe that rejection is a personal thing. Its more about her ignoring a stranger who she doesn’t feel comfortable talking to. Understanding this will help you not care as much about getting rejected and will help you approach more. It’ll also help you to not take rejection personal and attach that rejection to meaning something negative about yourself. If you do get rejected or blown off just step back and watch it in her shoes.

How do you feel about strangers that YOU reject? Is it personal? Do you know them well enough to know you’re rejecting them personally?

When you put yourself in her shoes, rejection is sort of just not wanting to interact with a stranger who comes up to you.