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A lot of guys find going out to meet women a burden. You have to make going out enjoyable and fun for yourself or you’ll just never go out , and you’ll be single for the rest of your life.

Going out can be a lot of fun and a nice addition to your life and weekends. You just have to make some small tweaks to make going out a blast. So , just to give you some ideas to enjoy going out more. Here are some things you can do :

  1. Go out to fun venues, bars, parties, events, that you love going to.
  2. Make a list of new fun venues and places to check out.
  3. Find cool fun guys or girls to go out with and that are good company.
  4. When you go out, do not go out to get anything, otherwise it will seem like a chore.

I always loved going out when i was younger, socializing, checking out new fun venues, and having fun with my guy friends. Somewhere along the way i had a period where i just stopped enjoying going out, and one of the reasons was i realized that i was making going out a chore. I was trying to meet women every time i went out which put a lot of pressure on me and made it feel like work.

What do you do instead? You go out to have fun and enjoy yourself and start incorporating some of these 4 things above. Make your first reasons and priority for going out to have a good time and enjoy yourself, check out new fun venues, and enjoy socializing with your friends and meeting new people. Then, make it a second priority to meeting women. Otherwise if you reverse the order, you will put A LOT of pressure on yourself and stop enjoying going out.