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What were talking about here is the old “bitch shield”. Those classic lines women use when they don’t wanna talk to a guy.

You know what i’m talking about, “oh I’m a lesbian” or “I have a boyfriend” or “Were in a really important conversation right now” or “I’m married” or my personal favorite, “my vagina hurts”.

Only joking, i never got that last one, just trying to make this a fun read.

All jokes aside, you know that women do this stuff. You’ve observed it. We’ve all gotten these “bitch shield” lines. Sometimes even when you’re just being FRIENDLY and you don’t even want anything from them women, they’ll STILL say stuff like this.

But when do they do this stuff? Women GENERALLY only say these kinds of things when you show that you’re talking to her because you’re interested in her.

So if you can, you want to keep your conversational topics more NEUTRAL and like something you could say to another guy. Keep the topics away from “I’m trying to pick you up” kind of vibes.

Do you think a woman is going to say, “I have a boyfriend” or “I’m a lesbian” to someone whose just shooting the shit about a general topic? No. It would make her look socially retarded and really dumb. Women only say this stuff to guys who say things like, “Can I take you to dinner?” or “Do you have a boyfriend?” or some lame thing dudes say. In short, women only do this to guys who convey interest in her right away.

Wait to convey interest in a woman until SHE shows YOU some interest.

A lot of times, woman won’t even act friendly to a guy because they know if they lead him on in any way whatsoever it’ll make him DO IT MORE so they don’t even go there.

Have you ever had a gay guy hit on you? I live in West Hollywood, California. The MECCA of gay men. And I’ve learned that I can’t even be friendly, or nice, or even accepting of them, or they’ll hit on me hard core, so I don’t even go there. Im just pretty cold and short with them. Because I’ve learned that if I am friendly they just keep coming on and on and its too much.

This is how women typically feel when men approach them and try to talk to them. So if you can hold off on showing a woman any kind of interest , it’ll prevent her “bitch shield” from going up and she’ll be more likely to talk to you.