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In order to approach a woman successfully and confidently you first need to know how most guys try to talk to attractive women. Most guys approach women, saying things like “Your gorgeous!” or “Can I buy you a drink?” or “What’s your name?” or “Can I take you to dinner?” or “I like your purse” or even worse cat calls, or dudes shouting shit, literally pick up lines or “Are you here alone?” or “Do you have a boyfriend?” or “Where are you from? What do you do? What’s your name?” or many other just creepy , scary, disrespectful things that cause women to RUN.

In order to approach women successfully you first need to know what her experience with men trying to talk with her. This provides a context for you to say THE RIGHT things to her that actually work.

So if you want to actually start a conversation with a woman who you don’t know number one is don’t do any of this stuff that most dudes do. It doesn’t work and is lame anyway. Number two, all she wants is for you to talk to her in a way that is chill, like she’s a normal person, and in a way that doesn’t scare her or make her feel uncomfortable in anyway. You wanna talk to her just like you would a good friend and avoid doing all the other stuff dudes say.

Theres a lot more subtleties to starting conversations with women successfully but this is a really good foundation for you to get into conversations in a way that actually works but that women will also appreciate, too.