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The #1 thing thats holding you back from the kind of success that you want in your dating life is:


  1. The fear of going and talking to women that you’re interested in.
  2. The fear of approaching a woman who you don’t know.
  3. The fear of asking a woman out.
  4. The fear that she will reject you
  5. The fear that she will be really mean and rude if you ask her out or show you’re interested in her.

These are some of the main fears that are probably holding you back and that hold most men back from achieving the kind of success that they want. There are many more fears but these are the main ones.

It’s important to know so that you know what is getting in the way of you getting the kinds of success that you are after. You want to arm yourself with as much knowledge, tools, and techniques that you can to help you combat your fears in the dating game, break through them so you can achieve your goals in this area.

You need to break through your fears in the dating game because your goals demand it. In order to achieve your goals here, you have to break through fear, or you will fail at achieving what you want here.