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At the end of the day, ultimately REALITY is your best Guru, guide, teacher.

In any endeavor, what works for one person will likely work for another. Almost anyone can use the facts of reality and get the same results. Anyone can go put water in the freezer and make ice. Anyone can go lift weights and their muscles will get bigger. Anyone can stop lifting weights and their muscles will atrophy. Anyone can drink alcohol and get drunk. Anyone can eat unhealthy, stop exercising, and get fat.

So how does this apply to having more success with women and dating?

Anyone can use the facts of reality, manipulate the facts of reality, and get the same, or similar, results. You can get unbelievable success with women and dating if you learn what works and what doesn’t. Any guy who is successful with women are likely doing the same things. They are doing what works in reality. Any guy who isn’t having success with women is likely doing the same things, as well.

Just as anyone can use the facts of reality to gain control over reality to serve ones goals and purposes, so can one use the facts of reality with women, dating, and attraction to serve your goals in this area.

The knowledge in this site came from observations about reality and then making conclusions based on the things I observed. My focus was on REALITY. Reality was my ultimate guide, guru, and teacher.

Reality taught me what worked and what didn’t, and it was reality that taught me ultimately how to get what i wanted with women and dating.

Reality and experience will teach you everything you need to know.