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As a human being, you are hard wired to have a natural fear of strangers. The fear you feel before approaching a woman that you don’t know isn’t just that she’s a hot girl, it’s just that were wired to be cautious and a little afraid of people that we don’t know.

Its sort of like seeing a woman who you know from work, or class, or something when your at the mall. Why aren’t you afraid to go up to her and say hi? Because you know her. You know she’s a safe human. You know what she’s like, you know she’s nice, in a sense, your brain says, she is a safe human.

So part of your fear isn’t so much that she’s hot, but a certain portion of that fear is your natural fear of strangers. This will always be here. So instead of trying to eliminate it, which won’t happen, you need to accept it, and learn to deal with it.

Lastly, you use this knowledge so you don’t beat yourself up over having the fear of talking to women who you don’t know, because a lot of it is hard-wried in to the brains of you and every other human being. You’re dealing with millions of years of evolution here hired-wired into your brain. And we all have it. Be easy on yourself.