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One thing that can blow you out before you even approach a woman is only talking to girls when you’re out. Because after a while women will see you running around just going up to girls. She’ll know before you even approach her that you’re just out to pick up chicks or “get” something.

There’s nothing wrong with this, but she will know before you even approach her that you just want sex and any old woman will do. You become “that guy” at the bar. She’ll know that it does’t have anything to do with her specifically as a person. It communicates a lack of standards, that you’re “easy”, and not a challenge in any sort of way, which is unattractive to most women.

So when you go up and approach her she’s most likely going to give you a shitty reaction. Your blowing yourself out before you even approach her. You have to talk to girls and guys when you’re out. When you do this, you can even approach women directly by saying, “Hey, what’s up, guys?” Because you’re talking to everyone, girls and guys. So you just look like this social guy who talks to everyone.

Just be social when you’re out and talk to women and men.