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“This guy is brilliant – I love him. I’m really impressed with him.”

– Nathaniel Branden, Best-Selling Author, The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem

“I think if I were going to be learning from someone about social dynamics, dating advice, and how to meet women, this guy would definitely be one of them.  The great thing about him is that he is someone who gets results in the the real world – he dates some gorgeous women!!!  I think hanging out with him a student could pick up on a lot of great subtleties. I lived at project Hollywood with Mystery and Neil Strauss and have been out with every major dating guru, this guy is in my top 3 imo. I respect him a lot when it comes to this stuff. I would recommend to anyone seeking to improve their skills with women that they explore this guys ideas.”

-Geoff G., Glendale CA

“I’ve been out with this guy several times – he’s the real deal. He’s met several really hot girls in front of me, including a stunning Playboy Playmate at the Roosevelt Hotel. It shocked me how good he was. I’m really grateful to him. He showed me what is possible. I now have a girlfriend and am happy.”

Dave M., Santa Monica, CA

“My skills with women, meeting women, and getting results really improved after meeting this guy. He taught me so much. What i love about him is, like very few guys out there, he actually gets hot girls. He doesn’t just take selfies with chicks at clubs and act like he gets girls. So you get to learn from someone who is already producing the results that you yourself want and hear how he does it. He taught me a lot.”

Zimran J., Love Systems, San Fransisco, CA

“This guy is super knowledgable when it comes to solid dating advice that actually works and makes sense. I realized that I actually didn’t know shit when it came to how to be successful with women and dating when I started learning from him. He really enlightened me about a lot of things.”

Yervand G., Glendale, California

“I did a live in-field workshop with him several years ago. What I liked about him was he was really friendly and great at starting conversations with people he didn’t know – men and women. He talked to everyone the same – guy or girl. It was impressive. He said, just be social, people want to meet someone new, if you’re cool. He met several really attractive women with ease and was making out with two different girls right in the bar, within maybe 10 minutes of meeting them. He went home with one of them that night. I’m not surprised.”

-Erhan O., Istabul, Turkey 

“I can’t recommend him enough. He really took my skills to the next level. Took years off my learning curve. I had a girlfriend within a year of working with him.”

-Marc C, Florida

“I did a live workshop with him and learned so much. I’m glad I learned from him. Can’t recommend him enough.”

Edward K., Los Angeles, CA

“I did his live in-field workshop in 2008. He taught me so much. I had no idea there were guys out there like him, who knew all the cool things he knows about meeting women and dating. I highly recommend him.”

-Tiger S., Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Super confident dude. He’s the real deal. He taught me to just have a fun time when you’re out and people will be attracted to you. He’s hilarious, too! Really inspired me and showed me how to be social when I’m out. He showed me what is possible.”

-Czar M., Ventura, CA

“A breath of fresh air. Finally a guy who actually someone you can learn from, who gets the kind of girls that I want. I went from being shy and feeling clueless to feeling totally confident in my dating life. He really helped me improve. I lost a lot of my insecurities because of him. I highly recommend learning from him.”

-Chris C., Ohio

“He’s amazing. I worked for a major dating company/guru. They told us privately at a company meeting they were afraid of him starting a company. So i sought him out to learn from him, to see what all the fuss was about. They were right. He’s incredible.”

-Truman S. Chicago, Illinois 

“I’ve tried to learn from a lot of different dating companies and haven’t seen much success. He’s one of the best I’ve seen at this in terms of actually helping me get results I wanted. He helped me eliminate a lot of the fears I had and incorrect beliefs about women, which enabled me to get better way results with women and in my dating life. I’m so glad I found him.”

Chad P., Los Angeles, CA